Gary Hodgson


Gary presently is a Unit Commissioner serving four Troops in Canyons District. In addition he is an Assistant District Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, Scout Breakout Commissioner and the District Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator. His Scouting passions are teaching and training.

In addition to Scouting, Gary has served in various capacities in his church, including Deacons, Youth Ministry, and Missions. He recently completed a ten-year term on the board of Transitional Living into Community (TLC) Ministries, serving the recovering community. He also mentors other fathers that home school their children. Most of the Hodgson's family energy involves dedicated caring for Greg, their very ill but courageous son. Eleven years ago, Greg contracted a virus that eventually destroyed his heart. A transplanted heart was subsequently rejected by Greg's body. He now survives on a mechanical heart and is looking forward to a second heart transplant.

Gary and his wife Char will celebrate their 35th anniversary in April, and are proud parents of Greg, Heather, Chris and their youngest, Peter (Eagle Scout).