Chris Hess


Chris presently serves as Eagle Advancement Chair in the Orange Frontier District, leading a team that guides 60 to 70 Life Scouts per year on their path toward Eagle. He is also a member of Orange County Council's Program Committee specializing in Advancement and the Road to Eagle. On numerous occasions, he has successfully encouraged Scouts to stay in the program when they otherwise would not have continued. Many have stayed until their 18th birthday.

Chris exalts in guiding Scouts to become confident young men with great character. He is a participant on numerous Eagle Boards of Review. Chris is a life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and promotes shooting sports, safety and safe handling of fire arms.

Chris lives in Cypress with his wife Barbara. They have four children Kristi, Christopher, Tiffany and Gunner, an Eagle Scout. They have seven amazing grandchildren.